Symphony Honors Program

In accordance with our overarching goal to Re(de)fine Music and the ways it can contribute to the life of a community, Symphony NH is seeking to honor the important contributions of non-profit groups that have supported this region over the years.  Our goal is to identify one non-profit organization to be honored at each of our subscription concerts for its valuable work in support of this vibrant community.  Non-profits selected will be known as “Honorees.”

As one of the region’s leading cultural institutions, Symphony NH fills an important role in the community by bringing people together through music.  Our professional orchestra is at the center of our community-building efforts, which include public school education programs, collaborations with other arts groups, and, of course, moving performances of powerful music.

While SNH and the Honoree organizations may fulfill very different sets of needs for the region’s citizens, there is ample opportunity for mutual benefit through the SNH Honors program.  The most important of these is the increased exposure – each of us will have the chance to present our good work in the celebratory, relaxed, and favorable setting of an orchestral concert, reaching people outside our normal sphere of influence and communicating our uniquely compelling missions.

In addition to expanded awareness, the SNH Honors program provides an opportunity for each organization to raise funds through the sharing of ticket income.  The Honoree’s constituents support them while enjoying one of our concerts – everybody wins!

To apply on behalf of your non-profit, or to nominate a worthy organization to be an Honoree, download the nomination/application form here.